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Get rid of fats with Velashape

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Are you interested in finding a painless and non-surgical means of eliminating fat around your thighs, waist and buttocks? In that case, it is highly recommended for you to acquire information about the Velashape treatment in Abu Dhabi. For this who don’t know, Velashape is actually a medical device that has long proven to be the most efficient and safe means of helping people get rid of the extra fats on their body. It was developed through a joint effort of different physicists and physicians, and basically works by combining light waves and radio frequency to break down pockets of fats. This actually leads to a reduction in the size of the fat cells.

What you need to know is the fact that our bodies continue to store fats in multiple layers as we age. In case you are mistaken, simple diet and a few exercises a day cannot help you dislodge the pockets of fats that have formed in the internal layers of your skin. The Velashape treatment is basically focused on targeting the fat cells that have formed deep below in your skin. The best part about the treatment is that it will increase your body’s ability to metabolize this particular fat to give you a slimmer look and appeal. Most importantly, the technician performing the procedure will focus on the target areas of your body to get rid of fats that have accumulated in the areas of your choice.

There is a three step process that is involved in the Velashape procedure. To begin with, the technician starts targeting the most troublesome fat cells with the help of a vacuum want. This is done so as to pull out the unwanted layers of fat that are located closest to the surface of the skin. In the next step, the fat cells are heated up and then broken down with the help of light waves and radio frequency energy. Lastly, the technician is going to make use of a specially designed roller in order to smoothen out the skin. This further disburses the fat cells so they can easily get eliminated out of your body.

If truth be told, it would take just about four treatments for you to notice a major reduction in the amount of fats on your body. Read here for further information in this regard and to book an appointment right away.

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